Vaultek VT Series NVTi Wi-Fi-Enabled and Biometric Smart Safe


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The Vaultek VT Series NVTi Wi-Fi-Enabled and Biometric Smart Safe boasts cutting-edge Wi-Fi connectivity to view live safe data and receive instant alerts for safe events right to your phone. You’ll be notified if the safe is tampered, opened, and more. Manage and monitor your safe remotely with the Vaultek Wi-Fi app or exclusive online web dashboard. You can view the history log, power levels, name enrolled fingerprints, disable/enable fingerprints, adjust interior light, adjust the sound, and more from anywhere. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides on the go power for up to 3 months, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit. The full-size design of this fingerprint safe from Vaultek can securely hold 2 handguns plus extra magazines, and it’s easily mountable to nightstands or inside vehicles using the included hardware or steel security cable. It’s tough and rugged heavy-duty 14-gauge carbon steel construction features a durable powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection. Advanced anti-theft protection includes anti-pry bars, bolstered interior hinges, and dual anti-impact latches keeps the safe securely locked under impact and a rugged unibody design for strength and durability. Plus, it’s equipped with an impact detection system to sound an alarm on the safe if a bump or impact is detected. You’ll always have quick access to your valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the automatic opening lid and responsive LED lighting. Get in quick when it matters most using the with an oversized high-resolution biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, Nano Key, auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor, or manual keys. Optional dual-entry security mode requires fingerprint and keypad code to access safe. Responsive LED lighting in low light situations so you can locate your handgun safe with the backlit keypad and easily view your safe contents with the interior LED light. Padded Interior features high-density foam to protect your valuables. Exterior: 14.5″L x 10.6″W x 3.3″H Interior: 13.7″L x 6.5″W x 2.75″H. Weight: 16 lbs. Wi-Fi connectivity: view live safe data and receive instant alerts to smartphone 14-gauge carbon steel construction Holds 2 handguns plus extra magazines 4 fast-access points: Nano Key, accepts 20 fingerprints, back-lit keypad, and keys Impact detection system to sound an alarm Durable finish prevents corrosion Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Inner foam padding protects firearms Interior LED light


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