Surelock Safe SureDry Dehumidifier – 18″


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Never fear, SureDry? is here! Keep the moisture out of your SureLock safe, and protect what can?t be replaced, with our Supply Series Dehumidifiers. Available in two sizes, 12? and 18?, our moisture-wicking SureDry? technology defends your treasured possessions from rust and potential ruin. The 12? dehumidifier will cover 100 square feet of space, and the 18? will cover 200 square feet of space. While the extra-long 6 1/2 foot power chord gives you the flexibility to position your dehumidifier anyway you need to.The Supply Series keeps you accessorized to the fullest, while our SureDry? Dehumidifiers help you rest easier knowing you?ve taken that extra step, to take special care of your valuables.Specifications:(1) 12? Dehumidifier rodCoverage for up to 100 sq. ft.A/C power adapterChord length: 6 1/2 ftColor: Black


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