Vaultek LifePod 10 Series VLP10 Portable Safe – Titanium Gray


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The Vaultek LifePod 10 Series VLP10 Portable Safe is built with precision-engineered safe technology and includes an anti-impact latch. A built-in lock allows you to quickly lock LifePod for an extra layer of protection when needed. The touch-activated, backlit LED keypad is utilized to gain access to the safe and to quickly lock the safe. Vaultek is manufactured using lightweight materials with excellent durability. Dual side compression latches are combined with an inner rubber gasket, which forms a tight seal. The LifePod is airtight, dust proof, waterproof, and floats in water. You can even remove that battery and still utilize it as a waterproof case. The LifePod is powered for around 1 year with a single 9V alkaline battery, which is not included. The front rubber keyhole cover conceals an integral micro-USB port, which can be used in case of a dead battery. A key lock feature can be set from inside, disabling the keyway, and preventing lock picking. The LifePod even meets the guidelines set by TSA. Anti-impact latch LED keypad Light materials allow safe to float Waterproof, dust proof Micro-USB port Internal keyway blocker Meets TSA guidelines


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